Kolchak: The Night Stalker Novels

Hotel of Horror


Publisher: Moonstone Press


Release Date: May 2023


Description: Will's second Kolchak novel finds Carl spending Halloween weekend in the infamous Hotel Cecil, renowned for its 100-year history of murders and suicides, as well as being home to two of Los Angeles' worst serial killers. When people go missing, Kolchak must determine if something sinister is at work inside the "Hotel of Death."

Strangled by Death


Publisher: Moonstone Press


Release Date: May 2021


Description: This supernatural thriller stars Carl Kolchak, the intrepid reporter famously played by Darren McGavin. Now working for a Hollywood rag (and still hounded by his editor Tony Vincenzo), Kolchak must bear through a California heat wave as a rash of gruesome stranglings of young and vulnerable aspiring starlets threatens to push the already overheated city over the edge.

MAd D'onne NEcromunda Novel

Soulless Fury


Publisher: Black Library

Release Date: July 2020

Description: No one know murder like Mad D'onne. Where she goes, death follows — she is a force of nature, leaving devastated settlements and shell casings in her wake. but even Necromunda has its limits. Scrutinator Primus Servalen, armed with the personal seal of Lord Helmawr himself, is dispatched to bring the misbegotten scion of House Ulanti to justice. First, she has to track her down.


Mage Wars Novel

Nature of the Beast

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Release Date: April 2015

ISBN: 978-60690-573-9

Description: Here is the description from Amazon.Com: A dark secret lurking beneath the surface of Etheria erupts near the Straywood Forest, engulfing the lives of two wood elves and threatening the tenuous peace between the elves and the dwarves of the Anvil Throne in this first official novelization of the Mage Wars board game from Arcane Wonders.

Kal Jerico Novels

Lasgun Wedding


Publisher: Black Library

Release Date: April 2007

ISBN: 1-84416-462-4

Description: Here is the description from Amazon.com: When the ruler of the massive hive city of Necromunda falls dead, Kal Jerico is coerced into taking his place. But with assassins taking pot shots at him from all sides and forced into marrying a Spire noble, Kal begins to suspect there may be more to his rapid ascension than first appeared. Will Kal triumph and discover the root of the conspiracy or will he end up dead, or worse, married!



Cardinal Crimson


Publisher: Black Library

Release Date: May 2006

ISBN: 1-84416-372-5

Description: Here is the description from Amazon.Com: With a billion people literally living on top of each other, religious fanaticism has always had a firm stranglehold on the towering hive city of Necromunda. Foremost amongst these fanatics is Cardinal Crimson and he's setting out on a new crusade to hunt down a newcomer to the hive, a man who knows secrets that could finish Crimson forever. Once again it's down to the dashing Kal Jerico to save the day.



Blood Royal


Publisher: Black Library

Release Date: July 2005

ISBN: 1-84416-190-0

Description: This is the first Kal Jerico novel I wrote for Game's Workshop's Necromunda Universe. Kal Jerico is a fierce-fighting, glib-talking bounty hunter who must survive in the sleazy, dark world of the Underhive along with his two companions - the scab-faced Scabbs and the Amazon ex-ganger Yolanda. In this introductory story, Kal's royal father forces him to track down a rogue noble who has stolen a priceless artifact, while his cohorts deal with an Underhive vampire that's been terrorizing the settlements.

Magic Novels

The Moons of Mirrodin


Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Release Date: August 2005

ISBN: 0-7869-2995-2

Description: My second novel was another single book in a Magic: the Gathering trilogy. This time I wrote book one, which tells the tale of an elf in a strange metallic world who must follow the legacy of her own destiny to uncover the person responsible for murdering her family. The other books in the series were: The Darksteel Eye by Jess Lebow and Fifth Dawn by Cory Herdon.





Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Release Date: May 2002

ISBN: 0-7869-2743-7

Description: My first novel was actually Book III in the Magic: The Gathering Odyssey cycle. Wizards often uses different authors for it's Magic trilogies. The other two books in the series are Odyssey by Vance Moore and Chainer's Torment by Scott McGough. Judgment tells the story of a barbarian's descent into chaos after attaining his heart's desire and arduous path back to redemption.

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