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This is the professional website for Will McDermott. Will has worked in the gaming industry since 1997 when he became Senior Editor of Duelist Magazine at Wizards of the Coast. While at Wizards, Will helped publish thirty-seven magazines, and wrote five strategy guides for trading-card games. After leaving Wizards of the Coast, Will became a freelance writer. Over the next five years, he published five game-related novels -- two for Magic: The Gathering and three for Necromunda (in the Warhammer 30K universe) as well as a dozen short stories.

In 2006, Will joined the writing staff at ArenaNet and began working on Guild Wars. He wrote character dialog for Guild Wars Nightfall, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, and Guild Wars 2. Will also shepherded the first two Guild Wars novels (Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb, and Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King) from conception to publication.

After parting ways with ArenaNet in 2010, Will went back to writing and published another short story (which can be found in the wonderful Story Portals website in the Katya, Lady Assassin section) before accepting a contract at Nintendo to work on a forthcoming game (more on that once I can actually talk about it). With that contract finished, Will is back to writing again, while looking for the next game that needs his writing expertise (possibly more on that soon, as well.

Please take some time to peruse this website, which has information on most of the work Will has published over the years. It is a work in progress, and he hopes to update both the look and the content in the near future (for real this time). For now, you can use the links on this page to navigate through the site.

Fans, friends, and editors with contracts in hand, can contact will at will_at_willmcdermott.com (change _at_ to @).

You can also find Will's professional page on Facebook (Will McDermott) and talk with him there.

Enjoy the website.

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