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Strangled by Death


Will's first Kolchak: The Night Stalker novel is a supernatural thriller starring Carl Kolchak, the intrepid reporter and monster hunter famously played on the small screen by Darren McGavin.


Now working for a Hollywood rag (and still hounded by his editor Tony Vincenzo), Kolchak must bear through a California heat wave as he tracks down a burglar who robs rich, aging actresses while they sleep without tripping any alarms. To complicate matters, a rash of gruesome stranglings of young and vulnerable aspiring starlets threatens to push the already overheated city over the edge.


Published by Moonstone Books, Strangled by Death is on sale now.


Update: Will has written a second Kolchak novel (as well as two Kolchak short stories). All of these will be available soon. Watch here for more details.





Castle of Horror: Love Gone Wrong


Volume 7 of the Castle of Horror anthology series features a story of mine that I wrote in the months after 9/11 called "Choices." This story has been looking for a home for more than 20 years and I happy it found that home in the latest edition of this wonderful series.


Choices tells the story of Jack Lynch, a NYC firefighter who has a secret power. He can change past choices he has made to alter the flow of events in the present. Jack is also dealing with some marital strife and when his two worlds collide, he has to make a hard choice — save himself or save his marriage. You can buy Love Gone Wrong on Amazon.


Check out Castle Bridge Media, publishers of this series for more info, including Castle of Horror, Volume 8: Thinly Veiled '80s (due out this July), which will feature another story of mine.

Will McDermott is a lifelong gamer, a professional editor, a published novelist, and an amateur cook. He has published eight novels in the worlds of Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 30K, The Night Stalker, and Mage Wars, and more than a dozen short stories.

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