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Cranium 25


The Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition will have you sketching, acting, humming, sculpting, picture-puzzling, and word-unscrambling in a party game that features 800 new questions across 18 diverse activities. I wrote close to half of the prompts for this amazing new version of the classic game. Head to Funko Games for more info.

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The Magic Flute

The March 2023 Moonstone Triple Threat includes my Kolchak: The Night Stalker story, "The Magic Flute," which sees Karl team up with his old (ancient astronaut old) friend Bennu, a.k.a "The Phoenix." This adventure takes the unlikely duo from the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History to the back streets of old L.A.'s garment district to battle kidnappers and a mystical being from Bennu's past.


The Moonstone Triple Threat is on sale now at Moonstone Books.

Featured Novel


Strangled by Death


This supernatural thriller stars Carl Kolchak, the intrepid reporter and monster hunter played on the small screen by Darren McGavin.

Now working for a Hollywood rag, Kolchak must track a serial killer preyig on young starlets during a brutal L.A. heat wave that threatens to push the overheated city to the brink.


Published by Moonstone Books, Strangled by Death is on sale now.


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The Nexus of Writing and Cooking


I've been a home cook (not a professional chef by any stretch of the imagination) for 20 years. I became the principal cook for our family of five when I first took up the mantle of "freelance writer" back in 2001 after layoffs cost me my dream job at Wizards of the Coast and my wonderful wife landed her dream job at Fisher-Price. We packed up our house and moved cross country — for a second time (a story for later) — and I became a stay-at-home dad.


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