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The Nexus of Writing and Cooking


I've been a home cook (not a professional chef by any stretch of the imagination) for 20 years. I became the principal cook for our family of five when I first took up the mantle of "freelance writer" back in 2001 after layoffs cost me my dream job at Wizards of the Coast and my wonderful wife landed her dream job at Fisher-Price. We packed up our house and moved cross country — for a second time (a story for later) — and I became a stay-at-home dad.


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The Trials of Baldur


My latest short story is in this wonderful anthology full of uplifting stories published through the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers to benefit the World Literacy Foundation. I join authors  of novels, novelizations, and short stories set in some of the most beloved movie, TV, and game universes to tell new stories of venerated characters. My story follows the Norse god Baldur on a quest to lighten the lives of Midgard's Druids, while Loki prowls the shadows looking for a way to take the beloved god down a notch or two.


Turning the Tied is available in paperback and ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Featured Novel

Soulless Fury


Publisher: Black Library

Release Date: July 2020

Description: No one know murder like Mad D'onne. Where she goes, death follows — she is a force of nature, leaving devastated settlements and shell casings in her wake. but even Necromunda has its limits. Scrutinator Primus Servalen, armed with the personal seal of Lord Helmawr himself, is dispatched to bring the misbegotten scion of House Ulanti to justice. First, she has to track her down.


Featured GamE

War with the Evil Power Master

Publisher: Z-Man Games

Release Date: July 2019


Description: In this Choose Your Own Adventure game, 1-4 players must band together, follow clues, collect items, and face dire challenges to track down and defeat the Evil Power Master before he destroys the galaxy.


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