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Hotel of Horror


Will's second Kolchak novel finds Carl spending Halloween weekend in the infamous Hotel Cecil, renowned for its 100-year history of murders and suicides, as well as being home to two of Los Angeles' worst serial killers. When guests see ghosts and then people go missing, Kolchak must determine if the hotel's new owners are just leaning into horror tourism or if there is something more sinister at work inside the "Hotel of Death."


Published by Moonstone Books, Hotel of Horror is available now.


Featured Short StorIES

Castle of Horror 11

The 11th volume of the long-running Castle of Horror anthology series from Castle Bridge Media features stories of revenge.


My story, "Hard Sell," is set in the quintessential Curio Shop that only appears when vulnerable people are looking for a quick fix to their problems. "Hard Sell" is about a bereaved widow seeking revenge on the person she blames for her husband's death.


Castle of Horror 11: Revenge is available now from Amazon.

The Chaos Clock

The Chaos Clock was created as a Kickstarter stretch goal by eSpec Books. The anthology brings together an amazing selection of modern horror writers to create a selection of tales of eldritch horror set in steampunk universes.


My story, "Sky Rivers of Gray," depicts the  aftermath of a 19th century archeologist's obsession with an Egyptian sarcophagus that contained a horrific secret.


The Chaos Clock is available to purchase at Good Reads.

Featured GamE


Party Hack: Heist Night


Party Hack is a new way to host a themed party for 6-20 people. Each box comes with 180 activities created around the theme along with an easy-to-follow branching storyline with 27 different endings. In Heist Night your guests play world-renowned thieves gathered together for a big score.


Party Hack: Heist Night is available exclusively from Target.

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The Nexus of Writing and Cooking


I've been a home cook (not a professional chef by any stretch of the imagination) for 20 years. I became the principal cook for our family of five when I first took up the mantle of "freelance writer" back in 2001 after layoffs cost me my dream job at Wizards of the Coast and my wonderful wife landed her dream job at Fisher-Price. We packed up our house and moved cross country — for a second time (a story for later) — and I became a stay-at-home dad.


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